Strawberry Milkshake Birthday Cake

This Strawberry Milkshake Birthday Cake is delicious and easily adaptable for any shaped cake. The sweet pink icing is flavoured with an ingredient you probably already have in the cupboard to give it the authentic milkshake taste. Little Baker (LB) is thankfully still very much in the easy to please stage. Just before her 4thContinue reading “Strawberry Milkshake Birthday Cake”


Rabbit 1st Birthday Cake

How fast has the last year gone? 12 months ago I was welcoming LB to the blog and wondering how on earth us foodie selves would cope with a little one. Well here we are, we survived… Just. Some people take their little ones to a farm or zoo for their first birthday, we tookContinue reading “Rabbit 1st Birthday Cake”