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Strawberries & Cream Victoria Sponge

This weekend I celebrated a significant birthday and I wanted to replicate the cake I had on my 1st birthday. Though this time there is a lack of photos of me sticking my fingers into the cream trying to harvest a fresh strawberry when I should have been blowing out a candle. Where did my 20s go?! I didn’t do badly as during that decade – I met Hubs along with some other fabulous people, graduated, bought our first house, got married, dabbled with a couple of jobs, discovered I really could cook and started my business. This birthday also celebrated my first year in business. Yep, I survived and even made a profit, so you could say it was two celebrations in one. I received lots of lovely gifts including a spa break, glass jelly mould, cookbooks and lots of vouchers to spend on myself. When you run a small business it’s always a nice novelty when your given the opportunity to spend money on yourself rather than the business. Shops of Derby watch out! Read the rest of this entry

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