Vampire Spider Cupcakes

spider cupcake

Earlier today I stumbled across a photo I did for a kids’ workshop last half term and decided I had to share. Looking back at all my other Halloween bakes over the years there seems to be a prevalence of creepy crawlies, I have an affinity to them and arachnids are far nicer than severed limbs.

The best base for spider cakes is a chocolate sponge, naturally. Even better if it’s a rich chocolate orange sponge. I bake all of my cupcakes in foil cases as it helps the cakes stay fresher for longer. There are black foil cupcake cases available out there that would work really well.

These vampire spider cakes are decorated with chocolate glace icing and crumbled Oreo biscuits that double up as edible dirt/spider hair. Black is a notoriously hard colour to get in baking, you’re most likely to end up with a murky grey so the easiest way to do it is to make a chocolate icing then add black food dye if you want to make the colour darker.

To make the legs I use liquorice. A marmite ingredient I know. Most of my pupils last year picked the legs off to eat the cakes as we all know most kids hate liquorice, but there are few spider leg making alternatives out there. The liquorice wheels are good to use because as they unwind it gives the legs give a rather pleasing bend.

So bake your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe and once your cakes are cooled it’s time to decorate.

You will need:

  • Chocolate glace icing
  • black and red food dye pens
  • white sugarpaste
  • edible dirt (a.k.a. oreos or bourbon biscuits made into a coarse powder in the blender)
  • liquorice wheels, unwound and cut to lots of equal lengths


  1. Coat the top of your cake with a good layer of chocolate glace icing.
  2. Position eight legs in the icing.
  3. While the icing is still wet place the cake in a bowl and sprinkle with the powdered Oreos.
  4. Take a small amount of white sugarpaste and roll into three balls. Draw a pupil on each ball with the black edible ink pen. Stick to the cake with a small amount of glace icing.
  5. Take another two small pieces of white sugarpaste and roll into long cone shapes then flatten. These will be the teeth. Colour the tips with the red edible ink. Stick to the cake.




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