Planetary Cupcakes

planetary cupcakes

planetary cupcakes

There’s no denying we’re a bunch of science geeks here. Hubs does the physics & engineering and me the biology. We’ll gloss over who does the chemistry because unless it is about baking I’m rubbish at it. I have no shame in saying Alice Roberts in my idol. You can never take the geek out of the girl.

I’m always fascinated by the natural patterns and colours in nature be it the good old Fibonacci, cloud formations or Aurora Borealis. While playing around with some sugarpaste earlier this week I realised that if you mixed and pulled it in a certain way you could get patterns not unlike planets from a distance, or at least that is how I see it, but I’m no Brian Cox.

The original plan was to make the solar system. However even missing out demoted Pluto I only had 6 cupcakes left from a demo I did on Wednesday to decorate; plus a solar system where all the planets were the same size was bound to bug someone.

How to make marbled planetary supgarpaste

To get this kind of effect in your sugarpaste get your base colour, flatten it out then dot the secondary colours on top. Think about how you want the colours to show if you want them in a certain order. For example my base colour was light blue followed by dark blue (sea), green (land) then white (clouds). Roll up your sugarpaste so the base colour is on the inside then pull the sugarpaste in one direction. When it breaks put the pieces on top of each other and pull again. Make sure you pull and place in the same direction so you get the lines. When it is mixed sufficiently roll out on to an icing sugar coated surface. Remember the more you pull and roll the sugarpaste the more the colours will blend together and you will lose the lines.

covering cupcake in buttercream before sugarpaste

Once the sugarpaste is rolled and ready, using your palm lightly polish the sugarpaste. This will give it a nice shine and get rid of any icing sugar marks. Get a cutter slightly bigger than your cake and cut out rounds.

solar system cupcakes

To get the smoothest surface on your cake level off with buttercream before covering with the sugarpaste. Place the round on top of the buttercream then using your hands smooth the sugarpase down and round almost sealing it to the cake case. With these cakes the world truly is your oyster.

close up of planet cupcake


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