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What shall we cook today? Chocolate Salami

As I don’t have children of my own I’m very lucky to have a couple of Little Helpers that help me road test recipes, ingredients and cookery equipment geared towards children. Back in November they helped me try some ingredients to make cupcakes. A few weeks back they came for a whole day and we road tested two cookbooks, two sets of ingredient ranges and one piece of equipment. Read the rest of this entry

Strawberries & Cream Victoria Sponge

This weekend I celebrated a significant birthday and I wanted to replicate the cake I had on my 1st birthday. Though this time there is a lack of photos of me sticking my fingers into the cream trying to harvest a fresh strawberry when I should have been blowing out a candle. Where did my 20s go?! I didn’t do badly as during that decade – I met Hubs along with some other fabulous people, graduated, bought our first house, got married, dabbled with a couple of jobs, discovered I really could cook and started my business. This birthday also celebrated my first year in business. Yep, I survived and even made a profit, so you could say it was two celebrations in one. I received lots of lovely gifts including a spa break, glass jelly mould, cookbooks and lots of vouchers to spend on myself. When you run a small business it’s always a nice novelty when your given the opportunity to spend money on yourself rather than the business. Shops of Derby watch out! Read the rest of this entry

A Surprise Delivery – version 2

Back in April I made a surprise delivery of cakes to my cousin for her Baby Shower. They went down so well I felt I had to make them again. The designs I used on the cakes came from the Planet Cake book which I was given by the couple who I made the cakes for this time. Their gorgeous little girl was born at 32 weeks and finally came home around 10 days ago so on Saturday we made a drive down south to deliver these cakes and a red gooseberry bush because of course all babies are found under the gooseberry bush. Read the rest of this entry

Slow Food BBQ at Freedom Brewery

Some of you may have heard about Slow Food. It’s not about making casseroles but celebrating good, clean and fair food. Almost the opposite of fast food. On the 4th July me, Hubs, Clare from Seasoned Courses and a few other members finally hosted our first event at the great surroundings of Freedom Brewery near Abbots Bromley that had a fantastic views over Staffordshire. Edward and Susan Mayman, owners of Freedom Brewery, gave a tour of the brewery along with tasters explaining how their beers made and what makes then unique. After the tour we all tucked into a BBQ. It’s fair to say that we were very fortunate with the beautiful weather. Read the rest of this entry

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