Monthly Archives: February 2011

On the move

Please excuse the blogging hiatus, we’re on the move. The tiny Georgian cottage that has been our home and inspiration for the last 6 years is getting new owners. If it wasn’t for this house I’m not sure if our love of food would have blossomed so prominently. When we first moved in, as a newly engaged couple all those years ago, we didn’t have a freezer and limited cupboard space so it became the perfect opportunity to learn how to cook from scratch. The rest, they say, is history.

It hasn’t been an easy decision to make but if all goes well, touch wood, we will be swapping low beams and outhouse for ceiling roses, walled garden & chickens. Just like the Victorian Farm TV Series we’re moving through the ages.

The majority of the house has been packed and hidden away in storage including our cameras plus the majority of the kitchen making blogging slightly difficult. The garden stripped back after the December snow damage is now a blank canvas itching for colour.

While we’ll be sad to see it go it does however solve the question that has harboured us every festive season. Where on earth will we put the Christmas tree?!

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