Gower Cottage Brownies

I’ve been wanting to try these award-winning brownies for a while and even subtle hinting to Hubs about the fact I wouldn’t mind a box of these fudgy delights (who am I kidding, men never get subtle hints) I’ve been waiting patiently. I’ve been sending them to friends as birthday pressies and hearing people rave about them on twitter; I knew I had to have a taste of my own.

Wind the clock back two weeks ago. There was me driving back from Bristol after a fabulous weekend celebrating a friend’s 30th while Hubs was working on Top Secret Project with Jaguar & Range Rover in Paris. Getting hungry I pulled into the services on the M42 where there is now a Waitrose, the shelves were empty so I decided to power on home. Less than 10 miles from home I began to feel a bit odd and knew I had to stop and eat something asap. The nearest eatery was the place with the famous golden arches. Given I haven’t been to one in over 5 years I swallowed my pride and decided to go through the Drive Thru as I knew quite a few people who use this particular joint. Pleased with my act of deception I began to pull up to the order window then with a final rattle my car decided to die. In the Drive Thru. The shame. Half of the staff had to come out to push my car out of the queue, don’t get in the way of families wanting to get their Happy Meals, leaving me to sit in the car park for an hour waiting for RAC man to come at rescue me while trying to dodge people I knew. That day my car tried to tell me something. On the upside at least I had broken down somewhere warm, dry and with free WiFi.

I recalled this tale to Kate from Gower Cottage Brownies as part of her #freegowerbrownies competition. It was this tale of pure cringeworthyness that won me a box of Brownies from Gower Cottage as Kate found my tale particularly hilarious. To be honest so has everyone else who has heard the tale, even the RAC man who came to rescue me. My food-lover halo has been significantly dinted.

The brownies arrived by courier this morning after being freshly baked the day before. I’d heard things about the Gower Cottage Brownies packaging, I seem to think it’s won awards, and it didn’t disappoint. The brownies were cleverly wrapped to keep them well protected during transit, but also gave a hint of the luxury goods inside.

Now, I love my brownies but often find many varieties of ready-made ones sickly sweet along with a dry crumbly texture. These were very much what I believe a brownie should be: dense, fudgy and intensely chocolatey without being too sweet. So much better than a McFlurry! I was pleased to see on the packaging that the brownies can be frozen on the day of delivery, which is probably a good thing due to my Nigellaesque hips. I know Gower Cottage Brownies will be at the Good Food Show later in the year and they are well worth stopping for.

Now the biggest problem; will I be able to save some of these delectible brownies for for Hubs? I don’t know if I’ll be able to.


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