A Glamping Staycation – the yurt

I’m a big fan of the beautiful, diverse and lush UK. Yes we can go abroad, but with the strikes, volcanic ash etc. I was very glad we decided to stay at home even if we were taking a huge gamble with the weather. But then we are usually the lucky so-and-sos as we managed to have 2 weeks of glorious weather during our 2 week Honeymoon tour of Scotland’s Islands & Highlands and even came back with a tan.

It was Fairy Feltmaker who told us about Woodland Tipi & Yurts back at the beginning of the year and we booked it straight away before the press had cottoned on to the Glamping trend. I has also been featured in Cool Camping.

Glam + Camping = Glamping; but don’t expect it to be like a 5* hotel in the field. Your sleeping under canvas, you share the facilities, and you may see/hear nature around you; It’s still camping. Hubs & I plus friends love camping no matter what style it is. Between us we’ve wildcamped & night hiked in Snowdonia, camped under traditional A-frame tents while Scouts/Guides, slept on a site with just a cold water tap for company and celebrated birthdays under the stars in shadow of a mystical landmark. This was just another camping experience to add to our bow. A particular Trip Advisor review made me chuckle complaining about some aspects of this site, but what to you expect when camping?!

When booking, the site was already significantly full so we didn’t have much choice with weeks or yurts, but we we’re prepared to test my theory that weather is always great the week the kids return to school. I wasn’t wrong. We managed to possibly pick the sunniest and warmest week of the summer. We also managed to pick the yurt, Valley yurt, that appeared to be a bit of a sun spot and with a bit of privacy. It was lovely being able to eat breakfast outside every morning along with spending hours swinging in the hammock and catching up with some books while basking in the sun.

Inside the yurt we had a multitude of lanterns, a kingsized bed, various throws and rugs plus a wood burning stove to keep us warm. Hubs & I had bagged the proper bed while our friends slept on the foam mattresses when they joined us for a few days.

What was refreshing to see was the children on the site being what children should be. Have fun, climbing trees, making friends, going on bug hunts and playing games without TVs and games consoles to distract them.

A Glamping Staycation – food


About Jules

Freelance Food Geek who's passionate about food education. Lives with long-suffering Hubs and 3yo Little Baker (LB) not too far from Derby.

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  1. Sounds wonderful – I’m a huge fan of campling, Hubby not so much so. Maybe Glamping is the happy medium I’ve been looking for!

  2. Looking forward to the food bit!!

  3. I’m doing a meal in a yurt soon! Love glamping!

  4. Looks lovely, wish my husband could be persuaded.

  5. I haven’t camped since I went to Leeds Fest about 3 years ago. I have a massive phobia of unwashed hair so I don’t think I’d be the best person to go with. Unless there was a shower, than I’d love it :p

    Your yurt looked lovely though. Such a pretty vacation.

    Katie xox

    • I have to say this site had two of the best showers I’ve ever used on a site. Just made sure I beat everyone to them in the mornings. Dry shampoo also becomes a close allie to freshening up hair.

  6. Dry shampoo and plaits when you can’t face the showers. Part of my every growing arsenal against the unwashedness of camping. But now I want to go glamping instead :-( Love the bunting and the idea of having a woodburning stove! Can’t see me getting one in a ridge tent somehow!

  7. Sounds like a lovely yurt location and you have a great eye for a photo!

  8. This sounds wicked – definitely checking it out now! xxx

  9. Simply awesome. Like you we love dampers, pizza ovens and glamping. The Cool Camping Cookbook is fantastic. You’ve inspired me to see if we can book ourselves in, especially if they supply fresh cider. Loved the post.

    We just had a very similar experience in Sweden with a mud hut and a wood fired oven and a floating sauna. There’s nothing quite like it.

    • Browners, certainly go if you can. The Carey Cider place is only open on Fridays & Saturdays, but is well worth it.

      Floating sauna sounds amazing!

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