Jelly Fluff

So within the space of a few posts I’ve gone from Michelin starred food to something far less refined. As I’ve spent most of the weekend feeling sorry for myself, after catching a horrible cold off Hubs, I wanted something sweet, comforting and possible to make with the contents of the cupboards. As a child my mum used to make Jelly Fluff, then at uni I was reintroduced to it by a housemate. Admittedly I don’t usually have a tin of evaporated milk hanging around, but when making Snowball Truffles back in December I accidently picked up evaporated milk instead of condensed milk.

A few weeks ago I will confess to buying some strawberry mousse from a well-known supermarket. Well they were far too sweet, tasteless and not strawberry-like in the slightest. Nothing like the Hippo Mousse I remember from my childhood. It was this that inspired me today. I suppose I wanted a bite of nostalgic comfort.

I have only ever made this with raspberry jelly, as it’s my favourite, but I have it on good authority that it works with many different flavours. It also works with both traditional block jelly and the low sugar powdered jelly. One problem with it – it’s highly addictive. So fluffy it just melts in your mouth and you want more, however it is great at kicking the sugar cravings. Oh, and who will admit to having a secret stash of Gü ramkins?

Warning: when whisking use a bigger bowl than you think you need as you’ll be surprised how much this fluffs up.

Jelly Fluff
Makes 1 big, glorious bowl of the fluffy stuff

1 170g tin of evaporated milk, well chilled
1 sachet or block of jelly

1) Melt the jelly with half the amount of jelly recommended on the packet, allow to cool at room temperature for 30 min.

2) Using an electric whisk, whisk the condensed milk until it has tripled in size. While continuing to whisk gradually add the jelly. Whisk for a further 30 seconds then pour into a bowl. Put in the fridge to set.

About Jules

Freelance Food Geek who's passionate about food education. Lives with long-suffering Hubs and 3yo Little Baker (LB) not too far from Derby.

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  1. Jelly fluff! It is impossible to resist anything with a name like that!

  2. Love the colour – would definitely have to go for the raspberry version too. Can’t beat it!!

  3. Oooo jelly fluff! That looks lovely and very yummy – I think my girly will most certainly want that making!

  4. A childhood staple in our house too, though our mum did it “straight” – with water rather than evaporated milk.

  5. THANK YOU for posting this recipe! – my Granny used to make it when I was little and I’ve tried to do it without success, because I used normal milk instead of evaporated milk.

  6. ooo I have never come across this but it sounds delightfully childish and lush! Hmmmm xxx

  7. Looks great – my son would love this.

  8. Looks yummy and even better, it’s pink! Perfect pud for my Pink Hen Party I think! x

  9. I LOVE this stuff… my Mum used to make it for me when I was little (probably c.1980) Such happy memories!

  10. Yay!! I hope that I was the housemate you speak of as we all know how brilliant Jelly Fluff is when in need of being cheered up!

  11. In our family this was always made with pineapple flavoured jelly and a tin of thoroughly strained crushed (finely chopped) pineapple. If you can buy the pinapple tinned in juice rather than sugar syrup it is nice use the juice you have strained off as the part of the liquid to make the jelly. Lovely.

  12. theoilsyndicate

    Oooooo – we made this in Cookery when I was at secondary school! Just the sort of basic recipe a gel needs to give her the basics for life…


  13. I remember this from my school day DS lessons… Sigh…

    And yes, hands up, I have dozens of Gu ramekins! They are so useful for olives and dips I have been known to buy them because I needed the glasses!

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