Cherry Beer Ice Cream

I first came across Mark @ Pencil & Spoon’s recipe for beer ice cream a few months back and after making a winning raspberry beer ice cream I knew I had to try some other beers to test how they worked. This batch is for my Birthday BBQ this weekend.

I admit I’m not a huge ice cream eater. I don’t like Hagen Daz et al far too sweet and sickly for me. The best ice cream, in my opinion, is the delicious selection from Needwood Dairy…and of course this beer ice cream. I have another ice cream idea in the pipeline based on one of my favourite English cakes, but you’ll have to wait for that because I’m still developing the recipe.

To make the ice cream was also an excuse to use my newest KitchenAid Gadget – an Ice cream bowl and beater
This is not the first time I’ve made ice cream in the KitchenAid. The Damson Gin sorbet didn’t work (I had gone a bit mad with the gin!), blackberry & apple sorbet waiting to be tasted and the raspberry beer ice cream, well lets just say it didn’t last long as it was so delicious! The only think Mark says about making this is be careful with your choice of beer. Ideally you do not want a too hoppy beer as it can make the ice cream too bitter.

The beer in it gives it more of an adult flavour. Rich and fruity with a hint of bitterness to stop to being too sweet. The cherry juice in the beer gives the ice cream a beautiful cerise hue. This ice cream would be a perfect accompaniment to a rich dark chocolate brownie. I should also point out this is possibly one of the easiest ice cream recipes known to man. 3 ingredients, no egg, no faffing.

UPDATE: We ate this at my birthday BBQ and it was unanimously decided it tastes just like a Bakewell Tart. You can certainly taste almonds in it. Now this breakthrough means my grand plan to create an ice cream based on my favourite cake (a Bakewell Tart!) has now been shelved as I seem to have achieved it without trying.

Fruit Beer Ice Cream

1 can of condensed milk
300ml double cream
250ml-300ml fruit beer (I use Samuel Smith’s fruit beer range)

Gently whisk together all of the ingredients then pour into the ice cream maker. Done!

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