A Brilliant Brew

Hubby’s family originally come from the home of brewing in the Midlands (incidentally also the home of the evil that is Marmite) and naturally his family know a good ale when they taste one. One of the first pubs Hubby’s family introduced me to is also the best brewery in Burton – The Burton Bridge Brewery. Situated near one of the bridges over the River Trent, the pub tied to it has a great cosy atmosphere and a traditional skittle alley upstairs (popular in Hubby’s family for parties). On our wedding day we had kegs of Burton Porter it went down incredibly well and in most of our wedding photographs you can spot a glass of it somewhere!

A recent discovery for us, on the beer front, is the various beers available from Samuel Smith Brewery based in Tadcaster, Yorkshire. The only stockists I know of in Derbyshire are Chatsworth Farm Shop and Sound Bites, a great organic, ethical shop in Derby. As I was in Derby on Saturday I decided to pay Sound Bites a visit to stock up on their beers. In the summer I tried their Raspberry beer and this time went for the cherry beer, strawberry beer and Best Ale. Trust me, I would have bought a lot more if I didn’t have to carry them back up Babington Lane to the car.

I was first drawn to these beers by the labels, quite different from other bottle labels (yes I’m the type of person who chooses a book depending on how pretty the cover is). I’m yet to try the strawberry beer, but the cherry one was gorgeous. Almost like alcoholic cherry aid. I didn’t realise until last night how strong it was; coming in at 5% alcoholic volume. I’m looking forward to the next time I’m in Derby so I can stock up.

Published by Jules

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