Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla sugar has been a staple in my kitchen for a long time. I first came across the idea many moons ago on a Jamie O programme and decided rather than paying a hefty amount for shop bought vanilla sugar I would make my own.

Vanilla Sugar

500ml Kilner jar (or similar)
500g caster sugar
2 vanilla pods slit down the length

Pour sugar in jar then add vanilla pods. When ever you use a vanilla pod and have removed the seeds put the in the jar and add to your vanilla pod collection!

I use it in the majority of baking I do and it’s a great way to use up expensive vanilla pods that have had the seeds removed. I used it to make Lemon Drizzle Cake a few days ago. I have to admit the second time round for making the cake I got a bit cocky and used 2 small lemons and a lime, well they did need using up. Although the cake was still nice, it wasn’t a good as the original cake from a few weeks back. It was almost too tart.

Tonight’s dinner was another recipe from my sister. Essentially I dipped a pork steak in egg then coated in dry stuffing mix then baked for 25 min at 180oc. It was lovely but the photo I took looked like it was straight out of a 1960’s cookbook so I won’t be sharing that with you!

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