Homemade Butter

This weekend was another weekend-long family gathering in Warwickshire. Like everytime we meet up there is lots of food left over by the Sunday afternoon. I managed to bring home, amongst other things, enough sausages to make a meatloaf tomorrow and nearly a litre of double cream. Not wanting the cream to be wasted I set about making butter.

I first came across homemade butter while flicking through River Cottage Family Cookbook a few years back. Never did I think it could be so easy to make. To make it even better not only do you end up with fresh butter you also produce buttermilk which is fantastic for making pancakes and scones.

Making butter this way takes some serious elbow grease, but it is great and satisfying to see the cream turn into butter. While watching a recording of Cook with Gordon, between the two of us we managed to churn out 5 pats of butter.

Homemade Butter

Double cream (ideally not really fresh cream)
jam jar

1) Allow cream to get to room temperature before using. Half fill the jam jar with cream and tightly screw on the lid.

2) Shake the jar enough so you can feel the cream slop against the lid. Keep shaking. All of a sudden you’ll notice the slopping sound stop; at this point you have whipped cream.

3) Keep on shaking! All of a sudden the slopping sound will return and you’ll notice a large lump sloshing around in a watery liquid. This can take anywhere between 10-30min. Carefully open the lid. If the butter looks like fine cottage cheese shake for a few more seconds until you end up with a smoothish round ball. The solid is the butter and the liquid is buttermilk.

4) Pour off the buttermilk into a bowl and fill jar with cold water. Swil and keep on changing the water until it is clear. Squeeze the ball of butter in your hands to rid of excess buttermilk. It is important to remove as much buttermilk as you can as this can make the butter go sour.

5) Shape into a pat, wrap in greaseproof paper and store in the fridge.

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